What is Antimalware Service Executable and why is it running on my Windows 8 PC?

Windows defender is one of finest service provided to their users which ensures
that none of the illegal activity can perform on your computer if it is enabled.
As you might be knowing that there are multiple antivirus software available in
the market, some of them are premium and some are free. But if you don’t want
to install any of the external software for security purpose in your system then it’s
ok because already Microsoft have installed an inbuilt antivirus software in your
system which keeps scanning each and every activity in your system.

If you have enabled windows defender in your system which is by default enabled
if you haven’t disabled then automatically keeps updating with new defined
viruses, so that none of the viruses or attacks can harm your system.

Windows defender has been introduced in the windows 7 and it is available in all
the version of windows till now. This ensures users that an antivirus has been
installed in his system and it’s taking care of their system. If you have an out
dated antivirus installed in your computer then first it will deactivate it and
activate the windows defender automatically.

It has service running in the background of the computer name antimalware
service executable and also known as MSMPENG.exe.

This services starts running when your system is turned on and keeps eyeing on
each and every activity till you turned off the computer and if finds any illegal
activity happening in the system then first of all it will try to solve it and if not able
to solve then will display the message on the screen so that you can solve it

Why Antimalware Service Executable use so much of Computer Resources?

If you are using a windows operating system and belongs to the technical
background then you might be knowing that sometime this service
MSMPENG.exe starts using around 99% of computer resources which cause to
not let run any other application in the system and make system slow down.

So, here I am going to share some reason why is this happening in your system
and will also tell you that how you can solve it…

When Antimalware service executables scans file in your system it gets so much of
load like when you open any new file, software or connected with the internet,
the time you do activities mention here firstly this service scans all of them and
then allow to open and that’s why because of so much of load this service starts
using so much of computer resources.

Can you Disable windows defender or Antimalware Service Executable?

Because all problems comes only when windows defender or antimalware service
executable is running in your system but think if we can disable windows
defender then we can get rid of it.

We do not recommend to disable windows defender till you don’t have any
external antivirus software installed in your system even permanently you cannot
disable it using a normal procedure.

Yes, if there is any other antivirus software running in the system then it may stop
permanently but as you uninstall the external one it will automatically enabled.

So, first of all get any good antivirus software and then disable windows defender.
So, let’s see how you can disable windows defender…

  •  Open Windows Defender Security Center.
  •  Click on Virus & threat protection.
  •  Click the Virus & threat protection settings option.
  •  Turn off the Real-time protection toggle switch.

So, this was the few simple steps to disable windows defender temporarily hope it will help you.
Let’s wrap up…
Above we have seen about antimalware service executable or MSMPENG.exe, we
also knew that why this service is

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